J Matthews Creative exists to bring creative, powerful, and engaging videos to life. We are an independent full-service production company based in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas with a mission to help our clients reach their full potential. At our heart, we are story-tellers working with each of our clients to craft the perfect message for their consumers.


Create Brand Awareness

Our team will work with you to strategize a comprehensive campaign that will speak to your consumers and demographic.

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Stand Out Against your Competitors

With millions of views to date on social media and YouTube, our team of professionals are able to create trending projects with viral potential.

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Tell Your Story

Your business is not like any other so don’t let your marketing blend in with the masses. Tell your story with content the way that you want it showcased to the world.

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Our services extend across various industries, producing content for a diverse portfolio of clients. From commercials, animation, pharmaceutical content, to training videos and finance, we produce creative branded content that suits your market and your unique marketing goals.
Marketing Consulting Services

With backgrounds in strategy, project management, brand development, TV marketing, web development, and content creation, JMATTHEWSCREATIVE is your frontline resource that will help develop your strategy and web presence.


Whether its aliens or blooming flowers, our animation team has got you covered. If you can imagine it, they can create it.

Video Production

We work with you to craft the perfect video that represents you or your business or service offered. We take care of everything including scripting, casting, and location scouting in order to ensure the perfect execution of your production.We will work closely with each client to ensure the project is completed as requested and ensure deadlines are met.

Video content is the most effective form of digital advertising in the world.

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